Zero Emission Valley chooses Faurecia for hydrogen storage

In the Zero Emission Valley initiative, Faurecia has been awarded a contract to provide storage systems for hydrogen stations. These high-capacity hydrogen storage devices will be provided to Air Flow and will be housed in typical-sized containers. They will outfit the many hydrogen stations that Hympulsion, the project’s armed arm, has deployed.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, ENGIE, Michelin, Crédit Agricole, and Banque des Territoires have joined forces to form Hympulsion, which aims to make the area a leader in hydrogen mobility in France. 20 hydrogen stations will be operational by 2024, according to the remarkable deployment plan, some of which will be able to generate hydrogen on their own using on-site electrolyzers.

In order to secure the transportation and storage of hydrogen at the numerous refueling stations, Hympulsion’s partner Air Flow will invest 9 million euros.

High-capacity hydrogen storage devices from Faurecia will be essential for the ZEV project. According to a press statement from the equipment maker, “they will enable the storage and transportation of hydrogen between parent stations, daughter stations, and charging stations to supply car fleets. These systems, which were collaboratively developed at Faurecia’s research and development facilities in Bavans, France, and Augsburg, Germany, will start to be supplied in the middle of 2023.