ZeroAvia and Birmingham Airport plan for hydrogen-powered zero-emission flights

By 2025, a zero-emission technology developed by ZeroAvia should be able to carry 20-seat aircraft 300 nautical miles.

By the middle of this decade, it will be possible to take green flights from Birmingham to places like Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast, and Dublin.

The pioneer in zero-emission technologies, ZeroAvia has successfully test-flew hydrogen-electric aircraft at its base in Kemble, Gloucestershire, in January. Hydrogen-electric engines produce only water as a byproduct by using hydrogen in fuel cells to create electricity, which is then utilized to drive electric motors that operate the airplane’s propellers.

By 2027, ZeroAvia hopes to have an emissions-free 80-seat aircraft traveling up to 1,000 nautical miles, making zero-emission travel to Mediterranean vacation spots a possibility.

According to BHX’s “carbon strategy,” which was announced in 2022, the relationship with ZeroAvia is a crucial step in the airport’s effort to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2033.

In order to test and operate hydrogen refueling infrastructure, the airport intends to use a spot close to its vacant Elmdon terminal building.

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