ZeroAvia and Textron to build Cessna Grand Caravan hydrogen-electric engine

To facilitate the development of ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric, zero-emission powertrains for the Cessna Grand Caravan, the company and Textron Aviation have signed a Joint Development Agreement.

Targeting commercial passenger and freight operators, ZeroAvia plans to secure a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to convert the Grand Caravan single-engine utility turboprop with the ZA600 zero-emission motor.

Textron Aviation is responsible for both the design and production of the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft. Because of its high wing, it is well-suited for placing hydrogen fuel tanks underneath it, allowing airlines to keep their passenger and cargo capacities same even while they switch to zero-emission power.

Data, technical, and certification support from Textron Aviation will help ZeroAvia create its ZA600 powertrain system for the Grand Caravan. By 2025, ZeroAvia hopes to have the 600kW powerplant certified so that customers can run emission-free flights.

More than 2,400 Cessna Grand Caravans have been delivered across the globe since the plane’s introduction, making it a prime candidate for a transition to alternative fuels. With regards to Grand Caravan conversions, ZeroAvia has already announced multiple partnerships with operators and lessors.