$504M loan guarantee granted for largest renewable hydrogen project

The Advanced Clean Energy Storage project has received a $504.4 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy. HydrogenPro is providing 220 MW electrolyzer units for the whole project.

The ACES initiative seeks to forge a fresh route for decarbonizing the grid in Western America. This will be accomplished by employing HydrogenPro’s 220-MW alkaline electrolyzer systems to produce up to 100 metric tonnes of hydrogen per day from water and renewable energy sources.

Richard Espeseth, the interim CEO of HydrogenPro, says that while participating in a project of this size is inspiring, it also carries a lot of responsibility:

“A significant accomplishment for the project and HydrogenPro is represented by this sizable loan guarantee. The largest electrolyzer order ever documented is contained in this agreement. Therefore, we are pleased that HydrogenPro will play a significant part in a groundbreaking initiative of this magnitude “.

At the end of 2020, there were 250 MW of electrolyzers deployed globally. By alone, this project will almost treble global capacity, with 220 MW added at the location.

In Q3 2023, HydrogenPro will finish fabricating the electrolyzer systems. Later in 2024, on-site work will be finished.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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