8 Rivers Capital gets $1,8M to support hydrogen study

8 Rivers Capital, LLC has received $1,802,863 in financing to help them complete a pre-front-end engineering design study for a new hydrogen production facility using 8RH2 technology. The money comes from two places, with $1,412,863 coming from the Department of Energy (DOE).

The hydrogen plant will create 100 million standard cubic feet of 99.97 percent pure hydrogen per day while capturing 90-99 percent of carbon dioxide emissions at a low cost. This research will look at three different design scenarios for the 8RH2 equipment and a CO2 separation unit. The CO2 will be transported and stored at the Painter Reservoir Gas Complex in Evanston, Wyoming, and the hydrogen will be processed into ammonia for rail export to California. The project will offer a complete engineering package that includes a Levelized hydrogen cost for each of the three design scenarios.

8 Rivers Capital is committed to constructing Net Zero 2050, which means they are developing technologies to assist businesses in achieving their net-zero targets. Their 8RH2 method produces clean hydrogen with complete carbon capture at a lower cost than any other hydrogen generation technique now available.

The DOE has given investment to a number of companies this round, including 8 Rivers Capital. The Department of Energy (DOE) has granted a total of $24.9 million to six projects aimed at developing hydrogen technology for energy generation. The remaining five projects are as follows:

  • The Gas Technology Institute’s Investigation of Ammonia Combustion for Turbines (IACT)
  • General Electric Company’s Advanced Mixed Mode Combustors for Hydrogen F-Class Retrofit
  • The General Electric Company demonstrated a gas turbine-scale RDC integrated with compressor and turbine components under 7FA cycle conditions.
  • Raytheon Technologies Research Center develops a hydrogen burner for the FT4000 Aeroderivative Engine.
  • Raytheon Technologies Research Center’s Low-NOx, Operable Ammonia Combustor Development for Zero-Carbon Power (LOAD-Z).
Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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