Acciona to coordinate floating green hydrogen study


Acciona is coordinating a new project aimed at developing and validating Spain’s first offshore plant for the generation, storage and delivery of green hydrogen.

The project will propose modular, scalable and smart optimization suited to the current business model focused on offshore renewable electricity generation, incorporating floating wind and photovoltaic technologies.

The project will research various possibilities for the deployment of an offshore hybrid power generation system, analyze concept options through the entire hydrogen manufacturing, storage and delivery chain and find technologies that have the greater potential for growth based on the proposed new materials.

The project will be established concurrently in six autonomous regions of Spain (Madrid, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Cantabria, Navarre and Catalonia), establishing technical synergies and national science capabilities.

Information produced by this project may be translated to previously unforeseen applications and markets, resulting in additional competition for participating companies and improved longevity in the field. This would encourage job growth and the mobility of potential investments in order to deliver the creative outcomes of the project to the market. In order to promote the subsequent technological development process and its implementation into the market, each step of the project would be based on strict technical and economic criteria.

Companies such as Redexis, Ariema, TSI, Wunder Hexicon and BlueNewables, along with 12 Spanish research centers, are working with ACCIONA to developOceanH2, which was chosen by the Spanish Center for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) along with 23 other initiatives.

The OCEANH2 project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Science and Innovation Missions program, which has dedicated €70 million to fund big company R&D ventures aimed at tackling major societal challenges. The CDTI-funded initiative aims to encourage critical research into solutions to the universal and strategic problems facing Spanish society, and to strengthen the knowledge base and technologies that underpin Spanish enterprises.

OCEANH2 earned the best ranking of the projects submitted to the hydrogen generation program and was also listed as the number one project in the Sustainable Mobility Mission, demonstrating the promise of the OCEANH2 proposal, which recognizes the entire hydrogen value chain.

The OCEANH2 project is compatible with Spain’s contributions to climate change and energy transformation, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting the decarbonization of the Spanish economy to set binding targets for carbon neutrality by2050, while also fulfilling the pledge to gender equity and social inclusion.

Arnes Biogradlija

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