AeroDelft building liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft


AeroDelft is a student-run group at TU Delft working to create the first airplane in the world to be propelled by liquid hydrogen.

AeroDelft believes that liquid hydrogen is the key to a future of environmentally responsible flying. Project Phoenix entails the development, production, and testing of a 1:3 size prototype and a full-scale, hydrogen-powered aircraft. Their tail-mounted electric motor allows the prototype to fly for seven hours on a single kilogram of liquid hydrogen and travel more than 500 kilometers.

Cadence Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used by the team to investigate how redesigning the plane would affect its performance. AeroDelft has been testing the limits of Fidelity CFD in order to examine the possibility of hydrogen ignition at high release pressures.

A streamlined CFD workflow, Fidelity CFD provides quick and smart solutions in a unified platform for design and multi-disciplinary analysis. AeroDelft’s simulations make use of both the Fidelity CFD and Cadence OnCloud servers.

Anela Dokso

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