Agreement signed for the Hydrogen Valley Astigiana

At the offices of the Industrial Union of the Province of Asti, a contract for the construction of integrated projects for the “Hydrogen Community” (Hydrogen Valley Astigiana) was signed.

The first step toward the creation of “Hydrogen Community” projects was taken with the signing of the project, which includes the Province of Asti, the Industrial Union of the Province of Asti, Confindustria Piemonte, Veneto, Venice, and the company Hydrogen Park of Venice. (Porto Marghera is home to the first Italian Hydrogen Valley.)

It consists of a collection of energy settlements dispersed around the region with the goal of establishing hubs for the generation of green hydrogen, which will mostly be utilized as traction fuel.

“A diversification of sources is becoming increasingly vital, including through a shift to renewable energy, like wind and solar but also hydrogen,” says Andrea Amalberto, president of the Industrial Union of Asti. The establishment of a Hydrogen Valley in the Asti area provides an exceptional opportunity for the region, says Maurizio Rasero, President of the Province of Asti.

“According to Silvia Bolla, Vice President of Confindustria Venezia Rovigo, “green hydrogen development is the future of Italian industry and will significantly lessen our reliance on methane gas as a source of energy.” We are happy to make the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years in Porto Marghera available to businesses in Asti. Thanks to the efforts of Hydrogen Park and its collaborators, a route has been created where significant hydrogen projects have grown “.

For Andrea Bos, the president of Hydrogen Park, “The agreement serves as the first instance in Piedmont where the “Hydrogen Valley”-based European energy policy has been put into practice. An essential component of the green transition that promotes contamination between regions, aims to diffuse the hydrogen carrier, and encourages its production and usage in a variety of sources to increase the nation’s energy independence.

We were able to confirm the molecule’s compatibility with a complicated industrial system because of Hydrogen Park’s twenty years of experience in the field. A production zone that is adamant about being near one of the biggest ports in Italy, where it has been possible to create an industrial-scale Hydrogen Valley that, along with the creation of an energy hub, will ensure potentially limitless access to hydrogen for the gas- and energy-intensive production sectors “.