Air Liquide and Toyota France introduce hydrogen mobility at Nuit Blanche 2022

Air Liquide and Toyota France are teaming up to introduce hydrogen mobility at Paris’s Nuit Blanche 2022.

Nuit Blanche will return to Paris for its 21st iteration on October 1, 2022.
To be more specific, guests can take advantage of complimentary shuttles between the Charl├ęty Stadium, the Town Hall, and La Villette. You’ll be exploring some famous landmarks in a brand-new Toyota Mirai that runs on Air Liquide’s zero-emission hydrogen fuel.

While sales of electric cars have been on the rise, hydrogen-powered vehicles have not kept pace. Some studies, however, have shown its ecological efficacy. Fuel cells provide cars more freedom from gas stations. Rapid charging is another useful feature for them. Hydrogen is widely available on Earth, yet production of the element is low. Its environmental impact isn’t flawless, though. It’s true that current hydrogen production techniques are resource-intensive and costly.