AmmPower works on new means of transporting hydrogen


With the launch of its flagship manufacturing and development facility in Southeast Michigan, AmmPower is moving forward with its hydrogen and green ammonia technologies.

The group will be able to validate new catalysts and production procedures for synthesizing green ammonia, as well as breaking new ground in ammonia cracking to release hydrogen, with the opening of the new facility.

The new ammonia cracking technology will make it considerably easier to transport hydrogen and then release it at the site of consumption. This might be a significant step forward for hydrogen exports.

AmmPower will use its expertise to finalize a unique process for creating green ammonia that is not only scalable but also economically viable for the rising green sectors, with the opening of this new facility.

Gary Benninger, CEO of AmmPower, “This facility will serve as AmmPower’s technology development and manufacturing hub as well as its project management centre.

“We are eagerly looking forward supporting global “green” initiatives with our innovative ammonia technologies.

“Our team, now including Dr. Zhang, an expert in ‘cracking’ of hydrogen from ammonia, is poised to bring a special technology for the activations that the company has in discussion.”

Rene Bharti, President of AmmPower, said, “The AmmPower team will now have a state-of-the-art facility in manufacturing friendly Southeast Michigan.

“Led by Dr. Benninger, we are confident that the facility is the perfect location to commercialise our proprietary technologies for the various commercial initiatives that are coming into place.

“AmmPower recently signed an MoU with Porto Central in Brazil and is excited to become a preeminent supplier of green ammonia within several port infrastructures globally, but also to showcase our technology in the world of agriculture and fertilisers.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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