Amogy launches ammonia-powered semi truck

Amogy has conducted the first-ever ammonia-powered, zero-emission semi truck testing.

Amogy has swiftly grown their ammonia-to-power technology to 300 kW after incorporating it into a 5 kW drone in July 2021 and a 100 kW John Deere tractor in May 2022. The semi truck, which had 900 kWh of total net electric energy stored, was tested for several hours on the Stony Brook University campus after an eight-minute refueling. The Amogy team will conduct extensive testing on a test track later this month to demonstrate how the truck performs in various real-world operating scenarios.

Ammonia is a realistic, sustainable option for the otherwise challenging heavy-duty trucking industries, which are responsible for 23% of the overall greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, as demonstrated by this most recent successful presentation. Since battery electricity lacks the energy density required to replace diesel for larger vehicles and long-distance routes with minimal downtimes, decarbonizing heavy-duty trucking has proven to be difficult. The industry’s transition away from diesel-powered engines and toward alternate fuel-to-power technologies may be made possible by Amogy’s ammonia-to-power technology. Amogy’s innovative technology enables the on-board cracking of ammonia into hydrogen, which is then fed right into a fuel cell to power the vehicle, maximizing the potential of ammonia. Since liquid ammonia consumes substantially less energy and has an energy density that is around three times greater than compressed hydrogen, it is economical to store and transport.

Thanks to current transportation and storage infrastructure, ammonia offers a direct route to a zero-carbon fuel value chain for all heavy-duty transportation sectors. Ammonia is a worldwide commodity that is already manufactured and transported in quantities of 200 million tons annually, making it a suitable and easily available alternative fuel.

Following the positive results of this freight truck testing, Amogy will keep pursuing strategic alliances with the world’s shipping and transportation sectors. This includes further commercial deployments with partners, such as a recently announced inland barge refit project with Southern Devall, as well as the company’s 1 MW-scale ammonia-powered tugboat, which will be unveiled later in 2023. Amogy is effectively eliminating more than 5 billion metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions by 2040 thanks to a number of completed successful technology demonstrations and a dual presence in the U.S. and Europe.

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