ANDE and NEOGREEN Hydrogen Corporation agree 75MW service deal

ANDE and NEOGREEN Hydrogen Corporation have agreed to a 75MW service providing deal.

After signing a memorandum of understanding, ANDE and NEOGREEN Hydrogen Corporation, a developer of green hydrogen projects in emerging markets, studied an industrial plant that will create green fertilizer and hydrogen from renewable electricity.

ANDE and NEOGREEN Hydrogen Corporation inked an exclusive Electricity Connection and Supply Service Contract on December 12, 2022, for the Industrial Plant in Ciudad Presidente Dr. Manuel Franco, Alto ParanĂ¡ Department.

Two feasibility studies will start the two-phase project. After the first feasibility study (Phase I), the smaller-scale project, which would offer green hydrogen to industrial users in Paraguay, will require 10 MW to 75 MW of electrical energy.

A second feasibility study (Phase II) will require 225 MW. 300 MW total.

Specialized plant maintenance will employ 1,000 people every 18 months and create a service sector to fulfill increased demands for spare parts, representation, and maintenance of rotating equipment, automation equipment, and power equipment.

The plant will produce 30% of Paraguay’s nitrogen needs, ensuring agricultural security and productive sovereignty.

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