Ansasol expands its green hydrogen portfolio to 950 MW

Ansasol has announced the creation of its Hydron business unit, a name under which it will group all the future green hydrogen projects that it will create, and has increased the size of its green hydrogen portfolio to 950 megawatts (MW).

The firm now has more than 20 green hydrogen projects spread throughout five autonomous communities that are either in the development phase or in the processing phase.

According to a release, more than 200 MW are already in internal development and another 750 MW are in industrial and environmental processing, bringing the total electrolyzation power in the present portfolio to 950 MW.

All of these initiatives, which are currently marketed under the name Hydron, are meant to “quite considerably” advance the government’s “Roadmap for Renewable Hydrogen in Spain.” Between 100 and 150 public access hydrogen stations are expected to be installed by the Executive by 2030, and Ansasol wants to help with these Hydron projects that will be completed in the upcoming years as well as with a deployment plan for an additional 20 hydrogen stations in key locations along the national road network for trucks, light vehicles, and heavy-duty machinery.