Aranayak Fuel and Power to start construction on biomass-based green hydrogen plant

In the Uttar Pradesh district of Mirzapur, Aranayak Fuel and Power will break ground on its Rs 50 crore, 1-ton-per-day, biomass-based green hydrogen facility on March 3. During the most recent “global investors’ meet” that was held in Uttar Pradesh, the firm and the state government inked an MoU.

The facility would be India’s first commercial-scale biomass-based green hydrogen project and aims to start producing green hydrogen on August 15.

Aranayak Fuel and Power, a business founded by a group of businesspeople from Uttar Pradesh, will use 30 TPD of biomass (wood waste) and generate hydrogen for about Rs 700 per kilogram. The technology is supplied by Prof. Preetham Singh of IIT, BHU, through his business, Biezel Green Energy. Prof. Singh has created a “thermally accelerated anerobic digestor” (TAD), a reactor that converts biomass into bio-coal, hydrogen, and methane.

In order to create 1 kilogram of fuel-cell grade hydrogen and other byproducts, the reactor would require 30 kWhr of power and 30 kg of biomass.

In order to build a 3.5 TPD of biomass-based green hydrogen using Biezel Green’s technology, Swaraj Green Power and Fuel Ltd, supported by Ranjeetsinha Hindurao Naik-Nimbalkar, a BJP MP from Madha, Maharashtra, is investing around Rs 100 crore.

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