Atkins to design INEOS’ world scale low carbon hydrogen plant at Scotland

Atkins, a subsidiary of the SNC Lavalin Group, was recently contracted by INEOS to create a world-scale low carbon hydrogen production at the company’s Grangemouth, Scotland, location.

INEOS has made major investments at its Grangemouth complex since acquiring it in 2005, and the planned hydrogen plant, scheduled for operation in 2030, will further reduce carbon emissions by more than a million tons annually.

The use of the Scottish Cluster’s CCS infrastructure is crucial to INEOS’s Hydrogen programme. The carbon dioxide produced at the hydrogen factory will be piped directly offshore, where it will be sequestered in underground rock formations well below the North Sea.

Further supporting the early development of our hydrogen production facility and our ambitions to achieve greater than 60% carbon reduction by 2030 on the road to our net zero commitment by 2045, the company is also actively involved in the Forth Green Freeport bid, which is being led by the Scottish Cluster.

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