Belgian Hydrogen Council established

The Belgian Hydrogen Council (BHC) was established by WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed to solidify and enhance Belgium’s position in Europe and internationally as a cutting-edge center of excellence for clean hydrogen.

The Belgian Hydrogen Council will take on significant responsibilities like promoting the Belgian hydrogen industry both domestically and internationally and offering guidance to decision-makers on the implementation of their regional and national hydrogen agendas.

The Board of the Council, which is made up of eight CEOs, convened in Brussels for the first time. After years of coordinating their regional hydrogen clusters in Flanders and Wallonia, respectively, WaterstofNet and Tweed are now working together to create a national hydrogen council that will cut across the nation’s many governmental levels.

The group’s other objective is to offer policymakers in Belgium advice on how to implement their regional and national hydrogen initiatives.

The Council is a nationwide body that is supported by the hydrogen sector and is neither a regional or federal project. With the assistance of the various governments, the industry is the Council’s pilot. The endorsement for this new endeavor has been given by all four of the competent ministers.

The 70 members of the H2Hub Wallonia organized by Cluster Tweed since 2020 and the 150 Belgian members of the Waterstof Industry Cluster coordinated by WaterstofNet since 2015 are automatically members of the Belgian Hydrogen Council.

Eight businesses representing the whole hydrogen value chain make up the Board of the Belgian Hydrogen Council. ENGIE (production), John Cockerill (technology), Fluxys (infrastructure), Port of Antwerp-Bruges (ports & import), ArcelorMittal (industry), INEOS (industry), Virya Energy (mobility), and Sirris were chosen among all cluster members to represent the Belgian Hydrogen Council for the ensuing two years (research).

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