Belgium and Namibia in green hydrogen production to boost shipping decarbonization

Bruno van der Pluijm, the Belgian ambassador, and Linda Scott, the Namibian high commissioner, welcomed attendees on behalf of their respective nations.

Alexander Saverys, CEO of the Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB), gave a presentation on the project and highlighted the significant strides the firm has already made toward completing the energy shift that shipping so desperately requires in order to achieve its decarbonization targets.

The Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association’s (RBSA) Managing Director, Wilfried Lemmens, made the following closing remarks: “The ultimate aim and goal of the IMO is very clear: zero emissions in 2050. We are all accountable to the coming generations. All parties involved—shipowners, providers of maritime equipment, governments, and others—must work together to achieve this aim. Participation by all nations in this energy transition is crucial. I’m more certain than ever that we must work together to combat climate change. This evening’s events serve as a great illustration of how this might function in the future. Collectively, we can!