Bharti Airtel and Bloom Energy collaborate on fuel cells

Nxtra Data Limited, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, announced a partnership with Bloom Energy to deploy fuel cells with minimal environmental impact at its Karnataka data center.

This action will help the corporation reduce carbon emissions by providing a cleaner, hydrogen-ready fuel source. Nxtra will be the first data center company in a developing nation to deploy fuel cell technology to minimize carbon emissions and earn cost and sustainability benefits.

Nxtra plans to start the unit on non-combusted natural gas and shift to 50% hydrogen with minimal investment in the future. The natural gas-powered cells will be used for primary generation, with the utility electrical grid and generators serving as backup supplies.

With a goal of reaching net zero by 2031, Airtel has begun its path toward sustainability by implementing innovative energy solutions. Nxtra by Airtel has the largest network of data centers in India, with 12 large and 120 edge data centers, and would invest over Rs 50 billion over the next four years to triple its capacity to over 400 MW. The company has already invested in and partnered with eight organizations to develop renewable energy power plants across India that will generate more than 180,000 MWh of renewable energy and is committed to meeting fifty percent of its power needs through renewable energy sources within the next twelve months.