H2 hydrogen molecule in the liquid. 3d illustration.

Bruce County Council supports clean hydrogen


The Bruce County Planning and Development Committee obtained the Bruce Innovates: Foundational Hydrogen Infrastructure Feasibility Study, as well as a supporting staff report, from Hatch, a consulting engineering company.

As a result, the Committee endorsed promoting Bruce County as a leading area for developing a hydrogen economy, as well as the County’s facilitation and promotion of potential hydrogen industry collaborations.

To become a leader in clean hydrogen technology, science, and innovation, Bruce County has the economy, place, natural resources, construction readiness, and project partners. The area is well placed to serve as a catalyst for Ontario’s growing hydrogen industry, helping to accelerate and benefit from the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Bruce County will foster growth in the local energy sector, stimulate innovation, and build next-generation employment and training opportunities by positioning itself in this emerging market. The County will begin assisting efforts to build a fundamental hydrogen economy.” Warden of Bruce County Janice Jackson is a well-known actress.

“By positioning ourselves in this emerging market, Bruce County could promote growth in the local energy sector, stimulate innovation, and create next generation jobs and training opportunities. The County will start to facilitate efforts to advance a foundational hydrogen economy.”

Bruce County Warden Janice Jackson

Highlights of Hydrogen Infrastructure Feasibility Report:

  • The hydrogen sector has grown since 1975 and is projected to continue growing over the next 30 years to meet Ontario and Canada’s climate goals.
  • Hydrogen will play an important role to decarbonize various sectors and to help reach emission reduction targets in Ontario, Canada and abroad.
  • A hydrogen production and storage facility is seen as a way of catalysing the industry, encouraging  growth in the energy sector and supplying a wide range of markets with low-carbon hydrogen to meet needs and reduce environmental impact. A facility of this nature is an opportunity for a potential private developer, investor, or a consortium of partners.
  • Advancing a hydrogen sector has the potential to advance investment in skills training and education, retain and attract professional talent and further position the county as a vital player in Ontario’s green hydrogen industry.
Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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