Calabria Region bids for hydrogen plant

The Calabria Region takes part in the Ministry of Infrastructure’s PNRR tender for hydrogen transportation trials on both the rail and road systems.

The Region has applied for the construction of a renewable hydrogen production plant in Cosenza, which will allow, in the limited time frame of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (June 2026), to replace the type of energy source of the trains of Ferrovie della Calabria, with the overall goal of mitigating climate change and reducing local pollution.

The intervention will cost around 46 million euros, and the Fund will pay for it in full. It adds to the 280 million euros in PNRR funds that was already earmarked for updating and modernizing Ferrovie della Calabria’s infrastructure and for the acquisition of trains that, if the funding is approved, will be able to run on hydrogen rather than diesel.

Putting Calabria at the forefront of cutting-edge transportation technologies, President Occhiuto expresses his satisfaction with the Region’s candidacy for a creative project that opens up new and more contemporary possibilities for the operation of the Calabrian railway lines in perfect alignment with the sustainability principles pursued by the European Union.

Councilor Dolce, who has been following the process since the tender was published, points out the significance of the intervention for the city of Cosenza, which will be able to count on one of the first plants at na, and expresses gratitude to Ferrovie della Calabria for its dedication to drafting the project. The project was prepared in collaboration with the Infrastructure and Public Works Department of the Region and with the scientific consultancy of the University of Calabria.

By March 31, 2023, the resources that were placed out to bid must be allocated.