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Calvera Industrial Group is now building the market’s greatest capacity hydrogen refueling station (HRS) for forklifts, a project in which the company is responsible for every stage of the process, from engineering to full development.

Without government funding, the forklift business was one of the first to demonstrate the viability and profitability of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for mobility. Technologically, this type of vehicle has various advantages, including significantly increased productivity due to the elimination of the limitations associated with conventional electric batteries, such as their weight, recharge time, and increasing performance loss as they run low on charge. On the contrary, hydrogen forklifts are extremely efficient at refueling and maintain peak performance throughout the work shift.

Calvera, which previously developed small and medium-sized HRS focused on forklifts for the international market, proves with this project that it remains at the cutting edge of innovation in the production of equipment that enables the globalization of hydrogen consumption.

The Calvera Group is currently the only manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) in Spain and the largest in Southern Europe, a position achieved through a high level of specialization in the design and manufacture of high-pressure hydrogen equipment, backed by more than 40 years of experience.

The company’s most recent accomplishment constitutes a technological milestone in Spanish industry. It entails the manufacturing and delivery of the world’s first hydrogen refueling station for cars at 700 bars in Spain (Madrid), which Calvera has also standardised internationally. This fact is one of the most challenging aspects of the project, owing to the applicable restrictions and the vast amount of technical expertise necessary in the field of hydrogen.

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