Cartagena strategic port for supplying hydrogen to ships

The port of Cartagena is a strategic point to supply vessels that adopt hydrogen technology for their operations in the maritime routes of the region, said the Colombian Hydrogen Association.

Felipe Bernal Guarin, a member of the board of directors of the association, noted that this possibility has been raised to the Port of Cartagena Group (GPC), which was “receptive” to the possibility.

The Colombian Hydrogen Association contributes to accelerate the adoption of technologies that allow decarbonizing the economy.
For this purpose, it has defined several lines of action as follows:

-Disseminate knowledge, raise awareness to accelerate the adoption of this technology.

  • To be articulators for interaction among stakeholders and harmonize interests.
  • Contribute to the promotion of financing mechanisms that contribute to foster the development of projects.
  • To support in the design of public policy for the adoption of hydrogen, on behalf of the affiliates.

The Association was created at the end of 2021 by nine founding members. They are joined by new partners that already exceed 20 companies. They are: Hinicio, Energética, Air Liquide, Arce Rojas Consultores, Engie, Espinel Abogados, Promigas, Siemens Energy, TW Solar, Sumitomo Corporation Andes SAS, Jema Consuloría SAS, PTI Potencia Tecnologías Incorporadas, AES Colombia, Holland & Knight, Messer, KPMG, EDF Renewables, ARUP, BlueFloat Energy and Metropol Sostenibles SAS.

“In the association are all the actors of the hydrogen value chain,” said Bernal Guarin.

Additionally, it has several strategic allies.

Chile and Colombia are at the forefront in Latin America in the adoption of hydrogen technologies.

“Hydrogen should be a state strategy, not a government strategy,” said Bernal.

Today, the demand for hydrogen in the world is 85 million tons and will grow 9.2% by 2030, and 4% by 2050, according to projections cited by Bernal, head in Colombia of the company Hinicio, a partner of the association.