Chemours invests $200M in hydrogen technology

In order to promote the hydrogen economy, Chemours plans $200 million investment to boost capacity and enhance technology for its Nafion ion exchange materials.

Demand for hydrogen power and fuel cell technologies has accelerated due to increased energy challenges and global climate goals. Chemours’ investment will help meet the rising market need for energy storage in flow batteries, sustainable hydrogen generation utilizing water electrolyzers, and hydrogen conversion to power fuel cell vehicles in the future.

The Nafion ion exchange materials technology platform will be the main focus of the investment because of its chemical features, which may assist produce clean hydrogen from water electrolysis and support the hydrogen economy. Fuel cells use Nafion proton exchange membranes to immediately transform hydrogen into power, opening the door to fleets of zero-emission trucks, buses, trains, and cars. Additionally, Nafion ion exchange materials make it possible for flow batteries to store extra renewable energy and turn it back into electricity, helping to address the issue of intermittent renewable power.

This capacity investment will help Chemours achieve its goal of changing the company’s product line to include offers that help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Chemours is dedicated to becoming a leader in responsible manufacturing (UN SDGs). In compliance with the relevant regulatory frameworks, Chemours is assessing suitable locations in the United States and Europe for the investment. The company is especially interested in giving back to the communities where they operate.