Chile: Mobile green hydrogen plant launched

To assess its potential, Chile established a portable green hydrogen plant at Antofagasta. President Gabriel Boric Font and Energy Minister Diego Pardow were among the distinguished guests that attended the occasion.

The program, which aims to promote clean fuels derived from high solar radiation, is the result of the Scientific and Technological Center of the Regional Government of Antofagasta.

Chile’s national green hydrogen policy seeks to create the cheapest hydrogen on the globe by 2030, be one of the top three exporters by 2040, and have 5 GW of electrolysis capacity under construction by 2025.

The South American nation aspires to take the lead in the production of this gas by 2050, which would result in savings of $15.2 billion and between 17 and 27% of the reductions required to establish carbon neutrality in 30 years.

The energy system of the South American nation of Chile was being decarbonized, and Europe and Chile were discussing a US$ 210 million package for green hydrogen infrastructure to take advantage of potential export prospects.

100 million euros in finance from the European Investment Bank (EIB), 100 million euros from the German Development Bank KfW, and a grant of 17 million euros from the European Commission would make up the negotiating package.