China gets dedicated center for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sector

A committed organization was established to aid in the growth of China’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sector.

The center, which cost a total of 500 million yuan (US$ 73.9 million), has facilities for hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen cars, and power equipment spread across an area of 190 mu (approximately 12.67 hectares).

The facility offers testing services for every link in the industrial chain, from hydrogen fuel cell cars to vital auto parts to hydrogen quality. The China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Limited founded the institution, which is the first of its kind in China.

The southwest Chinese municipality of Chongqing has increased its efforts in recent years to support the growth of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry. The municipality has seen the introduction of numerous car models from various automakers, and significant ancillary firms have relocated there. Additionally, Chongqing and the neighboring province of Sichuan have worked together to create a “hydrogen corridor” along which 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicles are anticipated to enter operation by 2025.

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