China’s first hydrogen-powered electric ferry starts construction

China’s first hydrogen-powered electric ferry is now officially under construction in Jiujiang Huxin New Energy Boat Research and Technology Park in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province.

Jiujiang Huxin Technology Industrial Development is constructing the ship. Jiangxi Lushan West Sea National Tourism Development placed the order for the ship and will be in charge of its operation.

Its whole intended length is 23.65 meters, its intended width is 5.5 meters, and its intended speed is 25 km/h. It uses a dual propulsion system using lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. The dual power system for electricity and hydrogen is outfitted with two sets of lithium battery packs and two sets of fuel cells.

The lithium battery pack will be used to make up for fluctuations in load condition when the hydrogen fuel cell is used as the primary power source. The maritime hydrogen fuel cell has a 120 kW output power and a 450V–750V output voltage.

The ship’s design is suitable for inland river transportation, and the China Classification Society (CCS) has approved the key components.

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