China’s First Public Testing Service Platform For Hydrogen launched

The first public testing service platform for hydrogen energy goods in China, To High Hydrogen Testing, had an online launch conference on December 27.

China’s hydrogen energy sector has experienced rapid growth ever since the “double carbon” aim was put forth in 2020. The domestic hydrogen energy business has challenges due to high building costs, challenges with hydrogen storage, and a lack of hydrogen energy applications and testing standards. Strengthening industrial chain cooperation is being accepted by the industry as a solution to contemporary problems.

The public opening of To High’s testing indicates that the upstream and downstream industrial chains of China’s hydrogen energy industry are gradually expanding and deepening their cooperation.

Duan Zhijie, general manager of To High Hydrogen Testing, presented the platform’s independence, security, and fundamental advantages for the first time at this online conference with the topic “Hi-Future.” Additionally, Ms. Duan Zhijie declared that To High would disseminate two high-precision testing technologies and three exceedingly uncommon domestic testing capabilities to the general public.

At the conference, To High also inked agreements for strategic cooperation to advance industry-university-research and other fields with North China Electric Power University, Suzhou CRRC Hydrogen Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hydrochen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Fengyuan Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

To High was established in 2016 and launched in full in June 2018. It contains 12 high-standard laboratories and more than 240 pieces of diverse high-precision equipment from Europe and the United States, covering a total area of nearly 20000 square meters. It is the first and top public testing service platform for items utilizing hydrogen energy in China.

The hydrogen energy business has entered a thriving age, according to all growth figures. Hydrogen energy testing has emerged as a crucial component in the growth of the hydrogen energy sector and is now the link between upstream and downstream industries like hydrogen energy production, hydrogen energy storage and transit, and hydrogen energy application.

Industry experts predicted that To High’s official opening of its hydrogen energy product full-chain public testing service platform would nurture the entire industry and empower the upstream and downstream of the hydrogen energy industry. This prediction was based on the accumulation of 4 years’ worth of 300,000+ hours of safe hydrogen operation and testing experience.