Choosing an EPC contractor for Bristol Springs solar and hydrogen project getting closer

Frontier Energy Limited, formerly known as Superior Lake Resources, plans to become one of Australia’s first commercial producers of green hydrogen.

Frontier stated it has selected the final two engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms competing for the Bristol Springs project. Initially, five firms indicated interest in the contract. In the fourth quarter, the corporation expects to make the contract announcement.

However, Frontier has not announced either of the two finalists. It’s worth noting that the current choice only applies to Phase I of the project, which is the 114 MW solar farm on about 195 hectares in Waroona south of Perth.

The 36.6 MW alkaline electrolyser for Stage Two of the hydrogen project is unrelated to the current EPC selection. Frontier envisions Bristol Springs as one of Australia’s earliest successful commercial green hydrogen projects.

Located around 120 kilometers south of Perth, the Bristol Springs Solar Project would have an initial generation capacity of 114 MW (DC), but Frontier has stated that there are potential to acquire more property that may boost that to 500 MW.