Clean recovery could help Australian economy


The Clean Energy Council has launched a proposal to guide Australia’s COVID-19 economic recovery with increased investment in renewable energy and energy storage.

‘A Clean Recovery’ outlines a strategy to harness Australia’s immense potential for renewable energy and energy storage to jumpstart the economic recovery.

The Clean Energy Council says the current investment pipeline will generate more than 50.000 new jobs, lower power costs, and inject investment worth more than $50 billion to revitalize economic development in regional and rural communities.

“There are currently hundreds of large-scale wind and solar projects that have been identified with planning approval and are well placed to proceed quickly. Bringing forward these projects could deliver over $50 billion of investment, more than 30,000 MW of capacity and more than 50,000 new jobs in constructing these projects, along with many more indirect jobs.”

Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council chief executive.

‘A Clean Recovery’ could also empower energy consumers and bring down power costs by supporting even more Australian homes and businesses going solar, installing household batteries, and cutting down their electricity bills.

“This isn’t about a handout for industry when government is directing scarce taxpayer funding to other essential services and areas. There is an enormous appetite for private investment in clean energy, that can be unlocked through smart regulatory reform, sensible energy policy and investment in the grid and energy storage.”

Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council chief executive.

‘A Clean Recovery’ will improve Australia’s economy by spending more than $50 billion in new infrastructure, tripling the amount of large-scale renewable energy implemented in Australia, with the vast majority of projects located in rural and regional areas.

It could also strengthen Australia’s status as a global energy leader and leading renewable hydrogen exporter, ensuring export revenues and employment.

“‘A Clean Recovery’ could build on the recent success of clean energy. Over the past three years, there has been over $20 billion worth of new large-scale wind and solar projects committed, equating to 11,149 MW of capacity and creating over 14,000 new jobs

Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council chief executive.

Clean energy remains one of the few investments that can offer economic growth and a reduction  in carbon emissions.

Nedim Husomanovic

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