Cochin Shipyard to deliver India’s first hydrogen-fueled electric boat by 2023

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India’s first indigenous Hydrogen-fueled electric vessel, which is being constructed by the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), would be delivered between March and April of next year, according to Madhu S Nair, chairman and managing director of CSL.

The engineering and construction of the hydrogen-powered electric vessel, which is a pilot project, are scheduled to begin very soon, according to Nair, who added that the order to acquire the necessary equipment will be placed shortly.

During a press conference in Kochi, the chairman of Cochin Shipyard Limited also discussed the building of the ship lift-based shipyard, stating that the facility is planned to be commissioned by December 2023, after which Kochi would become a ship repair hub.

Nair, who provided more information regarding the shipyard, projected that the building of the ship lift-based shipyard on Wellington Island in Kochi will cost Rs 970 crore. Approximately 42 acres of property have been leased for 30 years for this purpose.

Adding that at least 3,000 jobs would be created, resulting to significant economic growth, he added that the shipyard now employs 9,000 people and that two expansion projects involving Rs 2,800 crore are currently ongoing in Kochi.

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