Construction kicks off on Korea’s first hydrogen vehicle test center

In Eumseong, North Chungcheong Province, a hydrogen commercial vehicle components test and evaluation facility will be developed.

North Chungcheong Province and Korea Gas Safety Corporation performed a groundbreaking ceremony at Seongbon General Industrial Complex in Eumseong-gun for the hydrogen commercial vehicle components test and evaluation facility and building began in earnest.

The center includes an ultra-high pressure container parts test building, a combustible gas container test building, and a combustible gas parts test building with a total floor area of 2271m2. With a total investment of 26 billion won, including 17.1 billion won from the government, it plans to begin full-scale operations in January 2024.

It is anticipated to become Korea’s first institution dedicated to ensuring safety via the testing and evaluation of commercial vehicles such as hydrogen buses and trucks, as well as medium-to-large items powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The liquid hydrogen test support center will also enter Negative at the same time. Only once the safety of various liquid hydrogen items made in Korea has been validated through this location can they be supplied. It will begin operations in 2025.

In the Chungbuk Innovation City region, the provincial government is working to establish a national hydrogen safety industrial cluster. Korea Gas Safety Corporation, the country’s hydrogen safety agency, the National Institute of Technology and Standards, Korea Construction and Living Environment Testing Institute, and the Korea Institute of Machinery, Electrical and Electronic Equipment are all housed in Chungbuk Innovation City.

“The hydrogen commercial vehicle components test and evaluation center will respond to the growth of the hydrogen economy in Korea and the rising demand for test and evaluation of hydrogen commercial cars in the future,” a North Chungcheong official said.