Construction of 900 kilometers hydrogen pipeline, begins

The Saxon government has announced that the Leipzig-based company Ontras Gastransport GmbH can begin constructing the first hydrogen pipeline network in Europe this week.

The Doing hydrogen and Green Octopus Central Germany projects can now begin early thanks to approvals from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Environment, and Energy stated on Wednesday in Dresden.

The two projects call for building sections and converting existing natural gas pipelines to hydrogen pipelines. In eastern Germany, Ontras intends to construct about 900 kilometers of hydrogen pipes.

One of the key challenges of this decade, according to Economics Minister Martin Dulig, is to provide an environmentally benign energy supply for energy-intensive businesses early on with hydrogen.

The only way to sustain industrial added value during the Saxony region’s complete industrial sector decarbonization while simultaneously establishing new sectors is to create and restructure the infrastructure.

Green hydrogen is a key component of the energy revolution in Saxony as well. Energy Minister Wolfram G√ľnther emphasized that the establishment of a hydrogen economy is currently underway along the full value chain.