Cummins supplies electrolyzer for Atura’s Niagara Hydrogen Centre

The electrolyzer for Atura Power’s Niagara Hydrogen Centre, the first 20 MW hydrogen facility to be built in Ontario, will be built by Cummins.

The proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzis technology from Cummins will be produced there. Cummins will install a second 20 MW electrolyzer in Canada at the Niagara Hydrogen Centre.

The Niagara Falls project will start supplying green hydrogen to commercial clients in the first half of 2024. The Halton Hills Generating Station owned by Atura Power will likewise transport it there and incorporate it into the fuel stream.

Its first initiative under Ontario’s low-carbon hydrogen policy, which was published in April, is the Niagara Hydrogen Centre. According to the strategy, Ontario’s low-carbon hydrogen production capacity would increase eight-fold with the addition of the 20 MW electrolyzer. At the moment, Enbridge’s Markham Power-to-Gas project can produce 2.5 MW of hydrogen. With the addition of the new facility, Ontario’s installed electrolyzer capacity will rise to 22.5 MW.

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