Dangjin City Builds Hydrogen Port

Chungnam Provincial Office, Dangjin City, and private businesses inked a business agreement to construct the Dangjin Songshan hydrogen port.

Four 40,000-ton ammonia storage tanks and two 50,000-ton ships can both dock at the hydrogen (ammonia) pier, which will be constructed on the water in front of Gagok-ri, Songsan-myeon, with an estimated 450 billion won in private development spending from 2024 to 2030.

Governor Kim Tae-hum, Dangjin Mayor Oh Sung-hwan, Korea Western Power Co., Ltd., Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd., and Korea Gas Technology Corporation participated in the signing ceremony. Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd., Seonkwang Co., Ltd., Aprotium Co., Ltd., Lotte Group Chemical Group, HDC Hyundai Development Co., Ltd., Samsung C&T Co., Ltd., Construction Division (Lotte Chemical, Lotte Fine Chemical) At the signing ceremony, the CEOs of nine private enterprises vowed to work together on building the hydrogen (ammonia) wharf.

The “Dangjin Songshan Hydrogen (Ammonia) Pier” will be built with administrative assistance from Dangjin City, and private businesses will actively work to resurrect the local economy by prioritizing hiring local labor and taking part in the regional construction industry.

The city will reflect the Dangjin hydrogen (ammonia) pier in the “Basic Plan for Building a Carbon Neutral Port” being established by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and incorporate it into the port area in the future as part of the policy of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This will help Chungnam Province play a successful role as a “special province of carbon neutral economy.”

In line with the roadmap for reviving the hydrogen economy, Mayor Oh stated that “we must use the hydrogen energy transition as a stepping stone for new growth engines in the region,” adding, “We will actively support Dangjin Port to play the role of a terminal that can introduce clean hydrogen and ammonia through the port in 2030.”

When the hydrogen port is finished, it will have the capacity to process 2 million tons of ammonia annually, acting as a source of energy for thermal power plants, government fuel cell projects, fuel station development, and other privately owned hydrogen-related businesses.

With an investment of more than 1 trillion won and the creation of 4,700 direct and indirect jobs over the course of seven years of development, it is anticipated that Dangjin City will once again become the hub of Korea’s industry through energy conversion. This will result in an annual greenhouse gas reduction of about 3.74 million tons, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 400 million 30-year-old pine trees in a year.