DNV wins UK contract for pipeline conversion to hydrogen

DNV has been contracted to supply the evidence needed to show that it is safe to utilize and convert the high pressure pipelines of the local transmission systems (LTS) to transport 100% hydrogen.

SGN, a gas distribution firm, coordinates the efforts of the other UK gas networks on this project and manages about 3,100 kilometers of the LTS pipes in the UK.

LTS is owned and managed by gas distribution companies. The National Transmission System (NTS) is a network of high-pressure pipelines that distributes energy across the country. As of now, these pipelines comprise the “backbone” of the energy network, transporting gas from NTS offtakes to various cities and towns around the country.

DNV will conduct a battery of offline tests at their off-the-grid research center in Cumbria, Northern England, to provide crucial safety and operational proof for this project. Hydrogen compatibility of current pipeline connections and fittings will be investigated, and a demonstration of hot working on hydrogen pipelines will be shown. Other tests include delayed ignition and over pressure, burst, and fatigue. DNV will assist with a live network SGN trial as the project develops, measuring and monitoring a hydrogen linepack (the amount of gas that can be “stored” in a gas pipeline) on a portion of the regional transmission network.

The offline LTS Futures trial will run in DNV’s state-of-the-art research facility alongside the FutureGrid project for National Grid Gas and the H21 project for Northern Gas Networks. DNV has shown its dedication to the energy transition and hydrogen research by funding the building of the HyStreet terrace of houses, which will be used to show how hydrogen can be securely distributed for heating and cooking in normal British households.