During the first Hydrogen Shot Summit, Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm of the United States of America (DOE) introduced the Hydrogen Shot Fellowship to recruit diverse talent that can help make Hydrogen Shot a reality.

Hydrogen Shot is a bold objective of “1 – 1 – 1” to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen to $1 per kilogram in a decade, an 80 percent reduction from the cost in 2020. Meeting Hydrogen Shot would include clean hydrogen in the toolset necessary to address the climate problem, generate well-paying American employment, and transition to a sustainable, fair energy future for everybody.

Hydrogen Shot will involve pooling all available resources, brainpower, and skills to push the boundaries with next-generation technologies capable of producing, storing, transporting, and utilizing clean and abundant hydrogen on a cost-effective basis.

The Summit is the first step on that journey, and the Hydrogen Shot Fellowship will help develop a pipeline of talented and bright professionals who will work alongside DOE Hydrogen Program managers to help us achieve this audacious goal while ensuring that the economic, environmental, and societal benefits are distributed equitably to the communities that need them most.

Hydrogen Shot Fellows will work on Hydrogen Shot-related projects through one or more HFTO technical programs, including Hydrogen Technologies, Fuel Cell Technologies, Technology Acceleration, and Systems Analysis, as well as other functional areas, such as communications, workforce development, and stakeholder engagement. HFTO intends to recruit 1-2 Hydrogen Shot Fellows per fiscal year, depending on the needs of different HFTO programs or functional areas and available funds.

Nedim Husomanovic

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