Dortmund pump manufacturer starts hydrogen pilot project

Wilo, a pump manufacturer with headquarters in Dortmund, has made a first move to reduce its reliance on natural gas as part of its strategy to escape the energy trap.

Within two months, the so-called H2 power plant was built. Because: When the new manufacturing building, which was finished in 2021, was being constructed, the Wilo managers already had this concept in mind. Photovoltaic modules are installed on every hall roof, and they formerly provided power for the production facility and administration building.

Electrolysis works without issue using electricity and water

Now, solar energy may be stored as well. It initially enters an electrolyzer in the hallway’s vicinity. The chambers of this apparatus contain water. This water is divided into hydrogen and oxygen by the electric current. After that, the hydrogen is kept in unique containers.

The same procedure, in which hydrogen is delivered into a fuel cell and combined with oxygen from the surrounding air, is used if the energy is required later on. As a “waste product,” this creates heat, power, and clean water.

Two days of emergency power

According to Wilo’s calculations, the new facility can create 10 tons of green hydrogen annually. Although it may seem like a lot, it is insufficient to fully autonomic the 1,000-person factory. Oliver Hermes, CEO of Wilo, said that the pilot system is initially utilized as an emergency power source. The system may be developed to provide a self-sufficient energy source for up to two days, though.