Douglas PUD buys 5 MW electrolyzer for green hydrogen project

The purchase of a second 5 MW electrolyzer has been authorized by the Douglas County Public Utilities District commissioners in Washington State in order to move the green hydrogen factory next to the Wells Hydroelectric Project into phase two.

The 774.3 MW Wells Hydroelectric Project’s operations will benefit from the flexibility offered by this experimental renewable hydrogen production facility being developed close to Baker Flats in East Wenatchee. According to Douglas PUD, generation requests can be transmitted to the hydrogen electrolyzer to lessen the need for mechanical grid-balancing changes at the Wells project on the Columbia River. As a result, less upkeep will be required for the turbine units and related machinery.

According to Douglas PUD, the Baker Flats location has the ability to support up to 80 Megawatts of green hydrogen generation.

Increasing the Wells Hydroelectric Project’s capacity to produce hydrogen will open up more opportunities as the PUD balances integrating renewable energy sources with concerns about fish water quality and fluctuating seasonal pricing. According to a release, improved efficiencies will lower the cost of maintaining generator units, improving rates and reliability for client owners.

“Green hydrogen is highly in demand. According to Gary Ivory, general manager of Douglas PUD, “Our Wells Hydroelectric Project also positions us to take advantage of the state and federal incentives to expand green hydrogen potential in our region.

Douglas PUD recently obtained a $5 million tax credit for equipment being installed at the hydrogen production facility thanks to an extension of tax credits for hydrogen equipment.

“For the benefit of our consumers, Douglas PUD is in a unique position to influence the policies being developed around green hydrogen. Ron Skagen, president of the Douglas PUD Commission, said, “We appreciate the lawmakers’ support for the hydrogen hub application from the Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association.

The second electrolyzer is expected to arrive in 24 months. Recently, Douglas PUD and IMCO General Construction agreed to work together on phase one of the hydrogen production and fueling plant. Underground utility work, site preparation, and storage tank installation are all finished. In June 2024, hydrogen production is expected to begin.

The Pacific Northwest Renewable Hydrogen Association, Washington Green Hydrogen Alliance, and Douglas PUD are all members of these organizations.

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