DSME and POSCO to create materials for liquid hydrogen transport

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and POSCO are establishing a new relationship to create materials that will satisfy the needs of transporting goods such cryogenic liquified hydrogen and liquified carbon dioxide.

The two businesses intend to hasten the development of novel materials that can be used in ships of the future as well as welding technology that is appropriate for the materials and needs of shipping future materials.

The businesses created a high manganese steel fuel tank for cryogenic LNG carried at minus 163 during their prior partnerships. They were able to create ultra-thick TMCP steel that is 80 to 100 mm thick and can handle the weight of an extremely large containership as well as LPG and ammonia at minus 55 degrees. For the advancement of the shipbuilding industry, new materials and cutting-edge welding technologies are also available. Examples include low-temperature steel for transportable cargo holds and ARC-7 Yamal icebreaking LNG YP500 steel for polar zone operations.

According to the companies, high manganese steel tanks function well at cryogenic temperatures and are less expensive than standard materials. They also offer higher strength and wear resistance.

On a very large crude oil carrier, the first installation of deck-mounted IMO Type-C LNG fuel tanks was finished in June 2022. (VLCC). The first square Type-B LNG tank constructed of high manganese steel was recently placed on a new ultra-large containership being built for Hapag-Lloyd. A second VLCC has already been fitted with the new tank design.

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