EDF Renewables launches solar and battery hybrid storage project in UK


French utility EDF is launching a big solar-plus-battery hybrid storage project in UK as part of its efforts to expand its renewable base installed.

GlobalData analysts expect that this is likely to improve the country’s solar resources, and also serve as a green stimulus for the sluggish economy, which is now gradually resuming its operations.

“EDF renewables has been a key player in the wind sector in the UK, however, it has not performed significantly in the solar PV sector. GlobalData’s figures suggest that more than 800MW of active wind plants are owned by the company in the UK, however, there is a notable abcense of the company in the solar sector. With this initiative, EDF Renewables would be able to strengthen its solar foothold and become a noteworthy player in both areas.”

Somik Das, senior power analyst at GlobalData.

Looking for ways to increase the UK’s existing portfolio of renewables, the EDF Group expects to have a portfolio of 50GW of renewables by 2030 and become Europe’s industry leader in clean energy.

“COVID-19 provided an opportunity to successfully produce electricity by minimizing the use of coal in the generation mix for over a month. It has supported the country’s target of decommissioning coal-based power plants by 2025, which might now be brought a year ahead. This is expected to reduce emissions, which had already seen a drop by 42% last year. EDF’s initiative is likely to aid the cause and help in achieving the country’s net-zero target.”

Somik Das, senior power analyst at GlobalData.
Nedim Husomanovic

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