Egi-Pyung cooperates with govt to create hydrogen ecosystem

To build a local ecosystem for the hydrogen economy, Egi-Pyung has scaled up its extensive partnership with local governments.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Gyeongsangbuk-do and the Korea Energy Technology Assessment Service to lead industrial innovation based on hydrogen fusion at the Gyeongbuk Provincial Office.

By developing a thorough cooperation structure to steer the local hydrogen economy and build a hydrogen industry ecosystem, this MOU was encouraged to lead the formation of new businesses, such as promoting the local hydrogen industry and creating jobs.

Egi-Pyung intends to actively engage in the creation of the local government’s energy plan in the future in order to support the regional hydrogen industry, actively publicize the energy plan of the federal government, and offer technical guidance.

Egi-Pyung is encouraging efforts in all directions to develop an ecosystem for the hydrogen sector in order to realize the “National Hydrogen Economy Implementation Basic Plan,” such as setting up an industry promotion strategy, stimulating R&D, and establishing infrastructure.

The idea is to support the identification of local energy resources, the creation of local energy plans, and the identification of industrial demand through business agreements with significant local governments. At the same time, the demand for fostering the local hydrogen industry will be promptly reflected in the government project.

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