Egypt: First offtake agreements for supply starting from 2025 in preparation

According to its Chief Executive Officer, US-based H2-Industries, the company behind Egypt’s first waste-to-hydrogen plant, is now arranging the first contracts for hydrogen delivery beginning in 2025.

“Clean hydrogen from our waste-to-hydrogen process will be extremely reasonably priced, therefore the aim right now is to communicate to potential off-takers directly,” said Michael Stusch.

According to Stusch, the company may manufacture green hydrogen for $2–$3 per kilogram (kg) by 2026 and for less than $1 per kg by 2030 with projects in Egypt and Oman. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that a kilogram of renewable hydrogen now costs $3 to $8.

The estimated global demand for clean hydrogen in the next years is expected to be far higher than the projected supply capacity, he claimed, and manufacturers, suppliers, and potential buyers are beginning to enter into preliminary agreements to secure volumes.

Although the company is open to possible local buyers, he claimed that the current offtake conversations are mostly focused on exports.

“Currently, the majority of conversations are on exporting hydrogen utilizing our Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology. Large industrial production businesses with high energy demands, utility corporations, and the fuel sector are among the interested parties.

He asserted that LOHC is now “the most straightforward, safe, and efficient means to store, transport, and release vast quantities of hydrogen or energy in an environmentally acceptable, harmless fashion, and is excellent for long-distance transport and decentralized distribution.”

According to Stusch, the projects in Egypt and Oman are proceeding as planned, and plans for project execution are being discussed with financial and technical partners.

H2-Industries is currently researching a $1.4 billion waste-to-hydrogen facility with Madayn in Oman and a $1 billion LOHC hydrogen hub in East Port Said, Egypt.