Egypt to aims to become significant hydrogen supplier to Europe

According to Egypt’s petroleum minister, new renewable energy initiatives will make it possible for the nation to move forward with its goals of becoming a significant supplier of electricity and hydrogen to Europe.

Egypt plans to use a cable that will cross the Mediterranean to transmit electricity to Cyprus and Greece. Additionally, it seeks to export hydrogen, a fuel for power plants.

An $11 billion wind farm in Egypt is being built by a consortium led by the renewable energy company Masdar, based in Abu Dhabi. It is planned to generate 10 gigawatts of power, or around one-fifth of what the UK currently uses.

The power generated by the plant will be used locally and contribute to the country’s objectives of having about 40% of its energy mix come from renewable sources by 2030. This objective was most recently moved up from 2035 by Egypt.

Other plans include investing in carbon-capture equipment and putting a stop to flaring at the two liquefied natural gas export terminals in the nation.

The nation wants to serve as a Mediterranean shipping hub for LNG. According to him, it wants to enhance Israeli deliveries of the extremely cold gas to its ports.

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