Emerson Korea and Korea Hydrogen Industry Association team up for hydrogen town

Together with the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association (KHIA), Emerson Korea created a hydrogen town in Ulsan Metropolitan City to reinvigorate the hydrogen economy.

Towards that end, Emerson Korea and the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association have agreed to work together under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding. By collaborating on the Ulsan hydrogen town development project, Emerson Korea and the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association will increase the implementation and supply of hydrogen-based sustainable energy infrastructure.

Hydrogen Town, a proposed metropolis where hydrogen fuel cells provide most of the city’s energy needs, is part of a larger effort to enhance city life by transitioning away from the usage of fossil fuels.

In order to realize this vision, a citizen-participatory living lab is being established to test and refine a hydrogen city model that can be reliably and efficiently applied to commercial and residential facilities in the city. This model is powered by new and renewable energy sources like hydrogen-based fuel cells.

Starting with this partnership, both firms will be able to leverage their knowledge and expertise gained from developing the Ulsan hydrogen town to pursue similar domestic and international business prospects.