Endua startup to build hydrogen powered clean energy storage


A new Australian hydrogen energy storage firm, Endua, has emerged to build sustainable, reliable, and economical power at a moment’s notice.

Main Sequence, the deep tech investment fund formed by CSIRO, and Ampol, the country’s largest petroleum network, are supporting Endua. Main Sequence Technologies is a Silicon Valley-based corporation that works on using science and business to tackle global issues.

Many off-grid enterprises and towns now rely on diesel generators that are expensive to run and have a severe impact on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen-based technology from Endua will enable regions, towns, and industries like mines and remote infrastructure to run off the grid, using just renewables.

Endua will create breakthrough clean power generation and storage that can power 150kW loads with a single unit pack. Hydrogen produced by the gadget with CSIRO’s innovative electrolysis technology will be used to store and deliver renewable energy at a cheaper cost compared to typical fossil fuel sources, such as diesel generators.

“We are rapidly transitioning to renewable energy to power our homes, our transport and our businesses. After being exposed to the energy sector through my work with Tritium, it was clear there was still work to be done in Australia’s transition to renewable energy. Solar, wind, hydro and batteries all play a part in getting us to net zero. Yet there are places and situations where these sources won’t get us all the way there. Hydrogen will play a crucial role in our transition but only with the right technology and business model to make hydrogen power generation and storage cost-effective. Endua is making both achievable,”

Endua CEO Paul Sernia.

“We are excited to be involved with Endua, which is part of our commitment to extending our customer value proposition by finding and developing new energy solutions that will assist with their energy transition. Ampol is well-positioned to develop and leverage this new technology through our existing customer base and to work with our partners to explore broader applications in other parts of the economy.”

Ampol managing director and CEO Matthew Halliday.
Anela Dokso

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