Enel Green Power’s head of Regulatory Affairs joins IRENA’s Steering Group


Silvia Piana, Enel Green Power’s head of Regulatory Affairs Africa, Asia and Australia, has been elected one of the seven members of the Steering Group of the Coalition for Action created by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

“I am happy to take on this role because the purpose and vision of IRENA is 100% in line with the activities of Enel Green Power, decisively aimed towards the energy transition. There is a total alignment of interests, for example concerning hydrogen. On this front IRENA’s position is exactly the same as our group’s, promoting only Green Hydrogen produced through electrolysis powered exclusively by renewables, because it is the only truly zero-emissions option.”

Silvia Piana.

The Steering Group supervises all of the activities of the Coalition for Action, for example evaluating the addition of new members or issues worthy of being supported and developed through specific working groups.

“In 2021, one these working groups will certainly focus on green hydrogen and another on community engagement, i.e. the involvement of local communities in the development of renewable energies, based on a strategy that is particularly dear to our Group.”


Another aspect that will see a perfect alignment between the Coalition for Action and Enel Green Power is “the Just Energy Transition, i.e. an energy transition towards decarbonization that is just, equitable, capable of addressing all economic and social strata and taking into account a multitude of needs, including the need to ensure a robust and flexible electricity system, capable of integrating a growing quantity of energy produced from renewable sources.

“My goal on the Steering Group will be to support opportunities and projects to develop renewable energies commensurate to the dimensions and ambitions of a global Group like ours.”


Another potential working group, which has not yet been officially appointed, is set to focus on so-called “Agri PV”, a combination of innovative solutions that enables the coexistence on agricultural land of photovoltaic production and farming, based on techniques that take into account various aspects, from the rational use of water to the selection of the appropriate varieties of crops to cultivate.

Silvia Piana joined Enel Green Power in 2014 to work on regulatory affairs in Africa, Asia and Australia.

In the past year she has also served in the CIMSSA (Competitor Intelligence Market Studies and Strategic Analysis) area of Global Power Generation.

This wealth of experience is sure to be extremely useful also on the Steering Group of IRENA’s Coalition for Action.

“While it has a global set up, the Agency is mainly geared towards developing countries or those in an intermediary phase of expanding renewables. And in contexts like this, knowing how certain situations have been dealt with and resolved by us in other countries represents a wealth of knowledge that can be put to good use.”

Anela Dokso

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