Energiequelle begins construction of French Villers-le-Tourneur wind farm


The construction of the Villers-le-Tourneur wind farm began in the Grand-Est area, near the Belgian border, in September, just as restrictions on construction work due to the bird nesting season ended.

Five N-117 Nordex turbines, each with a hub height of 91 meters and a total capacity of 15 MW, are planned to supply electricity to approximately 10,000 households each year in the future.

The French subsidiary of Energiequelle, P&T Technologie, is responsible for construction.

The project was purchased from the Leipzig-based project developer Green Energy 3000, which is funding Villers-le-Tourneur on site.

Cable and road construction work is currently underway on site so that the construction of the base will begin in November. The wind farm is expected to be commissioned by July 2021.

With the implementation of the Villers-le-Tourneur wind farm, the capacity of the P&T turbines in France will exceed a total of 200 MW, while another 73 MW will be added in the next two years. In total, the Energiequelle Group has built more than 750 turbines with an output of over 1,400 MW.

Nedim Husomanovic

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