Engie and the Ceará State Gov sign MoU on green hydrogen project at Port of Pecém


A Memorandum of Understanding between ENGIE and the Ceará State Government on a large-scale green hydrogen project in the Port of Pecém was signed at the Ceará State Governor’s House.

The project’s main focus is on green hydrogen exports, but applications for heavy mobility, steel, chemicals manufacturing, and mixed-gas transportation networks are also being considered, which may convert the project into a green hydrogen hub. The initiative will not only help to establish a domestic green hydrogen economy, but it will also help to decarbonize the industries involved.

Within five years, phase one is expected to produce 100-150 MW. Additional phases will be added until the project reaches a bigger scale, in keeping with the growth of the local and worldwide markets. As a result, ENGIE is willing to work with a variety of stakeholders to help the project gain traction.

“According to ENGIE, hydrogen is a strategic decarbonization driver since it allows for better integration of renewables while also assisting in the reduction of emissions in industries with difficult-to-meet objectives. We have the know-how to provide Brazil’s most efficient industrial-scale green hydrogen solutions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assisting in the transition to a carbon-neutral future, which is the company’s goal “Raphael Barreau said.

“We are pleased to welcome one of the world’s premier energy firms, and I would want to underline that we are prepared to work together to complete this project,” Governor Camilo Santana stated. He went on to discuss the competitive advantages that make Ceará an ideal location for carbon-free hydrogen generation. “Because of our strategic geographic location, our capacity to create renewable energy due to the coastline and year-round sunlight, Ceará has a head start in generating and exporting the fuel of the future,” he said.

Governor Camilo Santana made the news on the State of Ceará’s social media platforms in a live broadcast. Maia Junior, Ceará State Secretary for Economic Development and Labor (SEDET), and Roseane Medeiros, SEDET Executive Secretary, signed the MoU. Aside from Raphael Barreau, ENGIE’s Communication and Social Responsibility Director Gil Maranho Neto and ENGIE Green Hydrogen Regional Representative for Latin America Koen Langie signed the Memorandum on behalf of the company.

Green hydrogen is a safe bet.

One of the greatest chances in the energy transition to a carbon-neutral future has been Green Hydrogen. It’s made from renewable resources and can be used to replace fossil fuels in carbon-intensive sectors.

The overall objective of ENGIE is to have a strong green-hydrogen position. Given the Group’s presence in the nation and plentiful renewable energy, the Company aims to have established the installed capacity to create 4 GW of green hydrogen by 2030. Brazil is a crucial location in this quest.

As the entity’s first member in the energy business, ENGIE has joined the Brazilian Hydrogen Association (“Associaço Brasileira de Hidrogênio” – ABH2) to encourage collaborations and studies in this field. The Group now operates 70 industrial-scale green hydrogen projects in ten countries (20 of which are larger than 50MW).

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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