Estebam project explores use of hydrogen for fishing boats

The CCI Côtes-d’Armor began the Estebam project after being chosen as part of an AMI that the region had issued, with the goal of investigating the use of hydrogen for fishing boats and barges through retrofitting.

The fishing industry is starting its energy revolution at sea. The CCI Côtes-d’Armor is relying on hydrogen to green the fleet of regional players while ACANOR is researching the usage of biomethane. In the Estebam project, an existing barge is being modified. It represents a 600,000 euro investment, of which 50% is provided by the Brittany Region as part of an interest-expression call that was released last summer.

The project’s initial phase will involve researching H2 retrofitting options for existing oyster barges. With a first rendering anticipated for September 2023, the Alca Torda firm, CMV Amphibie, the naval architect firm Delion, and Europe Technologies will collaborate on the technical dimensioning of the solution. If the consortium approves, we will start production so that the boat may be delivered in April 2024.

The project must include options for refueling in addition to ship change. A mobile distribution station, supplied by Europe Technologies, ought to be set up on the myticultural zone of Bon Abri in Hillion. It will receive green hydrogen from the nearby production facility created as a part of the Armor Hydrogène project.

The work completed around this initial barge should enable the Estebam project’s partners to think about deployment on a greater scale.