EU launches €195M hydrogen research call

With a total of €195 million available for projects, the Clean Hydrogen Partnership launched its request for proposals for hydrogen research.

According to the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, the initiative intends to support the development of “leading-edge hydrogen technologies.”

A public-private partnership called the Clean Hydrogen Partnership will receive a total of €1 billion from the European Union for the years 2021–2027, with the possibility of receiving an additional €1 billion from private investment. It supports research and innovation in hydrogen technologies across Europe.

The available funding will be distributed as follows: €49 million for clean hydrogen production, €36 million for hydrogen storage and distribution, €25.5 million for transportation, €19 million for heat and power, €7.5 million for cross-cutting, €38 million for hydrogen valleys, and an additional €20 million for the strategic research challenge.

The aforementioned subjects will be divided into 11 Innovation Actions, 13 Research & Innovation Actions, and 2 Coordinated & Support Actions, with 5 of the Innovation Actions being selected as flagship projects since they are thought to be of strategic importance.

According to the REPowerEU directive, the European Union has set a target of producing and importing 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen by 2030, creating a 20 million tonnes/year market by the end of the decade.

The deadline for the research call is April 18.